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TrippFitness Personal Training personalizes every program to give you the proper motivation, accountability, structure, and knowledge…regardless of age and goals!

Our goal is to give you five-star personal training in a fun and safe environment in our two gym locations!


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Our services include:

  • One-on-one personal training sessions with our certified trainers
  • Group training
  • 30 and 60 minute sessions
  • Individualized resistance training built around your goals

We accomplish tremendous results for our clients by combining various types of personal training programs depending upon the individual goals of each client. Whether your goal is to gain or lose weight, rehab an injury, get ready for that special event, find a healthier way of life, or just learn the proper form and technique to always be safe and successful inside the gym; we have a program for you!


Our certified trainers are experts in the areas of:

Functional Training
Weight loss
Foam Rolling
Core Strengthening
Sport-specific training
Cardiovascular and aerobic conditioning
Online workout programs
Interval training… and much much more!!

Get a complimentary Fitness Assessment and start on a personal training program fit for you!

Call us at 561-316-8866 (Florida) 563-723-1082 (Iowa). Or send us an email by clicking on the contact us button.

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